Restore and Reconnect

Restoring the land and reconnecting ourselves to nature, we have been working with this land here since 2006, working with groups and individuals to plant native woodlands, convert monoculture forest into diverse ecosystems, running training and permaculture courses. All with the intention of bringing us back into connection with the land.

Spiritwood is 150 acres of mixed forest and fields near the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline. Our vision is to restore the land to native woodlands and mixed conifer for local timber supply, enhance the fields with wildflower meadows, plant forest gardens and grow vegetables.

Importantly now for the bees we are planting trees and wildflower forage that support pollinator and and honey production.

As soon as we can our eco-campsite will be up and running if you are interested in booking in advance please email us at [email protected] to prebook your camping trip and have an opportunity to reconnect to nature in this stunning location.

If you would like to Bee part of our vision click on the button to support our vision to rewild and restore the land here.